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Luna the Sox fan

Originally uploaded by dianne_simonini
This is my sweet baby kitty Luna. She loves me like no pet has ever loved me. She likes to watch the Red Sox kick some Yankee butt with me. So we had a pretty awesome weekend. :-)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

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Originally uploaded by dianne_simonini
I accidentally bought these at lunch. They are black and taupe snakeskin peep toe slingbacks... They are just so pretty.... And mostly_irish told me that I needed them. No one should argue with a pregnant lady, right?

Today's Magnificence...

Originally uploaded by dianne_simonini
Thank God I wore these today, because I am feeling kind of frumpy and fat. My fabulous shoes were bargains at DSW - 50% off of $70!!!! They are in three shades of patent leather, chocolate, beige and cream, and have a beautiful stacked wooden heel. Actually are fairly comfortable, though I am feeling a slight pinch after walking around at lunch. Not bad though.

What do you think???

Shoes glorious shoes...

Originally uploaded by dianne_simonini
So I recently picked up a few pairs of really cute work pants. Only problem was that they are all pretty long, so I have been wearing heels for like 3 weeks straight. And my tootsies hurt. So I was able to find a couple of pairs in the same style, but in petite (like 3 inches shorter!)... So then I needed cute work flats... Auntie Cindy was kind enought to get me a gift card to DSW for Christmas (awesome Auntie, right?) so I got these black patent leather flats - I love them!

And my Sweet Boy, who knows me so very well, says "Baby, do you want to check out the clearance and see if there are any other shoes that you like?" Silly question... I found two more pairs. I will blog them later this week.

Also did some fabulous outlet shopping on Saturday - hurray for the Ann Taylor outlet! I am having a blast with new work clothes. Next on the agenda is nice casual wear - I tend to go from work clothes to jammies with very few options in between....

Hiding, and a potpourri of nonsense

Originally uploaded by dianne_simonini
So I have a new way to blog at work.... it's a little convoluted. First I take a picture on my phone and email it to my flickr account. Then I go to flickr and "blog it". So you may start seeing weird pictures, just so I can have a voice again.

This is a picture of the teensy-weensy conference room that I am hiding in today. I was testing a new application for a cpouple of hours and decided to stay here. It's blissfully quiet and my co-op can't find me and annoy me. (co-ops are like interns but they are full time for a whole semester... mine is a doofus).

So I just bought a new laptop. Well, I ordered it - I won't get it for another 2 weeks, and that just sucks. I am very proud to say that I chose the Promise Pink Dell. I may be an IT, but that doesn't mean I can't be pretty and stylish in my choices. Hmmmmm... "IT - It ain't just for geeks any more... " That should be a school motto or something.

Anywayz... Tonight I am making dinner for my in-laws for my father-in-law's birthday. He requested, and is getting, a cheesecake, and I made "real" cherry topping. Previously I had only used the nasty red canned stuff, which always creeped me out, but I made a cherry pie at Christmas time and found out how easy it was, and so Dad gets a super-special treat tonight. I actually don't like cheese cake so I think I may pick up some cookies for my mother-in-law and myself...

So I need to learn how to garden. Without getting dirty or dealing with bugs or worms. I am not sure I can do that, but I need to give it a shot. I want to grown plum tomoatoes and pumpkins and a bunch of herbs, and a whole bunch of pink, purple and white flowers. I know that I want hydrangeas (I have 4 that I hope survived the winter) and lilies that smell beautiful so I can have cut flowers to make me happy... lavender (duh) and I don't know what else.

Random... Just got a text from a friend posing this question:
if you were watching the circus, what songs do you think would be appropriate for an arial act? I suggested "Come Fly Withy Me" (the Buble version)

I guess tha is all I've got for now... I need to finish a few things before I go home... So what do you think of my new way to blog? :-)

Testing 1-2-3

Naples FL 2009
Originally uploaded by dianne_simonini
Just want to see if this works...


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Five Things That Made Me Smile meme

I am late as usual... Wish I could post for real at work, but since I can't I will just have to keep playing catch up.

Let's seeeeeeeeeee

1. Having the day off yesterday so I could bake cookies for Christmas and then there just happens to be a gigantic snowstorm. Yeah, that made me smile.

2. Visiting mostly_irish last week and being greeted by her kid yelling "Didi!!! Boo Boooooooooooo!!!"  That kid digs us.

3.  Luna, sleeping on my lap while I type... even though she decided i should be awake and playing with her from 5 am on... Hmm.  Maybe I should wake her up now and see how she likes that.  That would totally make me smile.

4.  Sitting by the fireplace with Sweet Boy last night, with the tree all lit up and warm cookies right out of the oven.  Good times.

5.  Singing Christmas carols. 

Merry Christmas everyone.

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